Hale O Lono Harbor.  Looking west to La’au Point with Hale O Lono, Kanalukaha, Kapukawahine and Kahalepohaku Beaches in Between.

In ancient times there was a heiau here, dedicated to Lono, the Hawaiian god of agriculture.

The harbor was used by Molokai Ranch as a port to ship cattle, sugar and other commodities to other islands.  During the 1960s sand was barged from here to Oahu for the construction happening in Waikiki.

It’s also the starting location for the Na Wahine O Ke Kai (Women of the sea) canoe race each year in September, and the Molokai Hoe, the men’s race a couple weeks later. The crews paddle outrigger canoes across the Kaiwi channel to Waikiki on Oahu, a distance of 41 miles.

Hovering over Kanalukaha Beach, watching the sun set just to the left of La’au Point, the island’s southwest tip.