Number 3 Discussing the beautiful beaches found between Puko’o and Halawa on the east end of the island.

To reach the east end beaches, take Kamehameha V Highway (450) east from Kaunakakai to about mile 15. Puko’o Beach and Kawili Beach require a short stroll from their parking area, Murphy’s and Sandy are right on the highway.

Pukoo Beach Molokai Hawaii

Puko’o Beach

Description:   Short, flat beach about 50 yards long in photo here.
Cautions:   Safe swimming when ocean is calm or no south swell.
Facilities:   None.
Location:   Follow Kam V Highway to about mile 15.8. Look for beach access sign on makai side and narrow dirt access road. Parking is about 100 yards down the access road. Follow the path to the end of the boulders on the left side to find the beach.

Murphy's Beach Molokai Hawaii

Kumimi Beach – aka Murphy’s Beach

Description:   Molokai’s favorite snorkel spot, a lovely point of golden sand and calm water.
Cautions:   Snorklers should be there from mid to high tide. The water is shallow
Facilities:   None.
Location:   Follow Kam V Highway east to mile 20.

Sandy Beach Molokai Hawaii

Sandy Beach

Description:   Small, white sand, cresent shaped beach.
Cautions:   Can be dangerous when south swell is running, usually safe for swimming in the summer.
Facilities:   None.
Location:   Follow Kam V Highway past Honouliwai Bay and Honoulimalo’o Bay past mile 21. Sandy Beach is right on the road.

Kawili Beach Molokai Hawaii

Kawili Beach – at Halawa Bay

Description:   A fairy long curved beach with nice sand.
Cautions:   Dangerous when winter surf is up, sometimes safe for swimming in the summer. Exercise caution, regardless.
Facilities:   Restrooms in the Halawa Park.
Location:   Follow Kam V Highway to the pavement’s very end in Halawa Valley. Then take the dirt road that continues another 50 yards to a parking area.