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Molokai Beaches – Get Some Warm Sand Between Your Toes

Molokai has a lot of beautiful beaches on all parts of the island. However, not all of them are safe for swimming and snorkeling and many are difficult to reach. This guide provides information on the places you can actually get to without a boat, a four-wheel drive vehicle or a difficult hike.

Only three of the our beaches have restroom facilities and only two have potable water. Therefore, be sure you take plenty of drinking water with you for any day at the beach. Locals also carry a large container (gallon or two size) of fresh water to rinse off salt water and sand.

At all of Molokai’s beaches, respect the power of the ocean and exercise caution. If you don’t see residents playing in the water, you probably shouldn’t either. The cautions listed with each beach below are accurate, so don’t dismiss them. We wouldn’t want to loose you during your visit.

We have listed only the most popular and easily accessed Molokai beaches. If you’d like a more detailed Molokai beach reference, we suggest Driving & Discovering Hawaii: Maui & Molokai by Richard Sullivan, Probably the best off-line source for Maui & Molokai exploration information and beach details.

Don’t forget sunscreen, the tropical sun is very intense.

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